DEI-UV prepares doctors capable of creatively confronting social problems. This process not only validates knowledge published through traditional research products (articles in indexed journals, chapters, books, congressional proceedings, etc.), but also through non-traditional products resulting from collaborations between researchers of different artistic, humanistic, or scientific disciplines. Likewise, the program has innovative qualities, such as adopting a flexible curriculum and fostering a learning environment for the production of quality, socially oriented, knowledge-spreading research (a core concern for those who make up the academic community). In this sense, DEI-UV adheres to current international education and research tendencies by combining a global comprehension of contemporary social and intellectual problems with advanced preparation in the research methods needed to achieve said comprehension.

As an innovative proposal among regional, national, and international contexts (which generally offer programs visibly divided by discipline and partial research issues, as well as traditional educational structures based on lectures), DEI-UV is built on foundations that require the program to meet the highest standards of quality. On the one hand, such requirements are related to the current assessment criteria for graduate programs, established by the National Accreditation Commission (CNA), which accredited the DEI-UV for a period of two years, from November 25, 2015 until November 25, 2017. On the other hand, our quality requirements are based on incorporating faculty that fulfill the requisites of productivity under the guidelines established by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), the country’s primary research bureau. The objective is to strengthen a culture of complex research from the University of Valparaíso in order to compensate the general state of neglect of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences in our country’s recent history.

Universidad de Valparaíso